Peelports Announce Public Consultation on ‘Master Plan’ for Hunterston PARC

It is with interest that FoFoC have received notification from Peelports that they have published their ‘Master Plan’ for Hunterston PARC and that a six week public consultation will be held between 16th May – 29th June 2019.

Public exhibition events where members of  the Peelport team will be available to discuss the “aspirational plans” will be held at:

  • Fairlie Community Hall: Tuesday 4th to Thursday 6th June
  • Garrison House, Millport: Thursday 6th June.

Its not clear what the aim of the public consultation will be and how much influence the opinions of the local community will actually have, but the FoFoC will actively engage in the process and we hope that as many supporters and people with an interest in the development of Hunterston will also make time to attend and share your views.

A website for Hunterston Parc has also been developed and can be found at The website contains a summary of basic information about the site including a question and answer section.

Interestingly all of the questions have been posed by the FoFoC to the planning and regulatory authorities over the past 6 months – not direct to Peelports as the option was not available until now. So, whilst it is useful to hear Peel’s responses, it highlights how closely the authorities are linked into Peelports behind the scenes.

Also noticeable is the absence of any reference to oil rig decommissioning in any of the information apart from the Q&A section.

See below for more information from Peelports about the consultation and public exhibitions:


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