Register Now! ‘#HunterstonHustings’ 21st April 2021; 7pm – 9pm

 Members of the public are invited to ‘#HunterstonHustings’ on 21 April 2021 starting at 7pm to hear the views of MSP candidates on industrial development at the Hunterston Peninsula.

Hosted by Friends of the Firth of Clyde, Fairlie Community Council, Fairlie Coastal & Cumbrae Community Council, the debate will centre on industrial development and environmental protection of the Hunterston Peninsula on the coast of North Ayrshire. Against the wider backdrop of a global climate emergency, post pandemic economic recovery and political lobbying from private companies.

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Over recent years there has been significant local interest in Peel Ports’ proposed developments at Hunterston Peninsula.

In the 1970’s there were huge community and political protests about the industrialisation of the Hunterston Peninsula. Temporary heavy industrial developments have evolved over time with limited concern for surrounding communities and the local environment. More recently there has been substantial political support for Peel Ports to redevelop the land from a polluted coal port to a range of concepts including an LNG Terminal, Gas Power Station and an Oil Rig decommissioning yard. North Ayrshire Council have recently pledged £18m to Peel Ports for redevelopment with support of UK and Scottish Governments under the Ayrshire Growth Deal.

Against the backdrop of a climate emergency, and with COP26 being hosted in Glasgow; the husting will offer the opportunity for the voting public to hear MSP candidates views and position on:

  • Financial and strategic economic development of Hunterston peninsula
  • Governance and scrutiny of environmental protection
  • Meaningful involvement of the community in a transparent planning process as well as community liaison.

Who is Taking Part?

The invitation was extended to all 18 standing political parties, 5 parties responded and the following MSP candidates will be taking part:

MSP Candidates:

  • Ross Greer – Green
  • Katy Clark – Labour
  • Kenneth Gibson – SNP
  • Jamie Green – Conservative
  • David Griffiths – All for Unity


To ensure a well informed debate candidates have been asked to respond to the following advance questions:

Question 1. “£28m (£18m Ayrshire Growth Deal and £10m from Scottish Enterprise) of public funds has been secured for Peel Ports development at Hunterston. Is this single big bet the best way to stimulate job creation for the area?’

Question 2. “Publicly funded environmental regulators are extremely vulnerable to pressure being put upon them by the Scottish Government and Local Councils, especially when they’re sponsoring initiatives which are presented in terms of the Green / Blue / Circular economy. What is your view of this and what have you done or would you do to ensure environmental protection regulations are duly and effectively undertaken?”

Question 3. “Peel Ports is the Harbour Authority for the Firth of Clyde, having board level influence on multiple quangos and being a big industrial developer on the Clyde. What conflicts of interest does this pose and how would you challenge these?”

Question 4. “How have you, or would you,ensure the voice of the community in local planning decisions is fully heard and that local communities and the surrounding land and marine environment are protected against the risks to health and threats to sustainability of proposed and ongoing industrial operations?”


Time Item Timing
19:00 Start and Intro 5 mins
19:05 Opening Statement – max 3mins per candidate 15 mins
19:20 Q1 – max 2 mins per candidate

1 min per candidate follow up question.

19:35 Q2 – max 2 mins per candidate

1 min per candidate follow up question.

19:50 Q3 – max 2 mins per candidate

1 min per candidate follow up question.

20:05 Q4 – max 2 mins per candidate

1 min per candidate follow up question.

20:20 3 – Questions from the Audience via Q&A Moderator

1 min per candidate.

20 mins
20:45 Closing Statements  – 2 mins per candidate 10 mins
21:00 Ends

 Ground Rules:

  • Audience will be muted and have video switched off for the duration, but can use the chat function to interact. The hands up function will not be used.
  • The audience can pose questions into the Q&A function which will be overseen by the moderator and a selection will put to the candidates according to time available.
  • Aggressive / abusive behaviour will not be tolerated, the hosts will remove nuisance participants.
  • The session will be recorded and may be live streamed to Facebook.
  • In order to offer all candidates the same opportunity timings will be strictly monitored.

We look forward to seeing you at #HunterstonHustings

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Published Friday 16th April 2021

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