#SaveSouthannanSands Needs Your Support Now! Send a letter to Marine Scotland today to tell them “SAY NO WAY WITHOUT AN EIA”

We are calling on everyone concerned about protection of the environment to email Marine Scotland NOW to tell them “NO WAY WITHOUT AN EIA!”

Marine Scotland (MS) have been asked by Peel Ports to provide an
Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Screening Opinion of their
plans to undertake marine dredging and construction work at
Hunterston. The site is in the immediate vicinity of Southannan Sands
Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) which a rare seagrass
meadow, natural carbon sink and home to a number of OSPAR protected
species. You can read the letter we have written to Marine Scotland this week calling for an EIA by clicking here>>>


An Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is a tool used to assess the
significant effects of a project or development proposal on the
environment. EIAs make sure that project decision makers think about
the likely effects on the environment at the earliest possible time
and aim to avoid, reduce or offset those effects. This ensures that
proposals are understood properly before decisions are made.

The ‘Screening Opinion’ is the first stage of the EIA process which
decides if an EIA is required. You can find out more by clicking to
the mygov.scot website here >>>

HOW CAN YOU HELP?  We need as many supporters to reach out to Marine Scotland and tell them NO WAY WITHOUT AN EIA!

Email marinescotland@gov.scot  / ms.marinelicensing@gov.scot with the following message:

Dear Marine Scotland,

Both the Scottish Government & North Ayrshire Council have declared a climate emergency. The Southannan Sands SSSI is a protected zone because of its fundamental role in sustaining the environment and protecting the planet. From being a marine nursery to a carbon sink and home to a number of highly protected species. 

The Peel Ports application at Hunterston now poses a major threat to the environment. 

Mistakes have been made in the past as highlighted by the Friends of the Firth of Clyde QC. Even the Scottish Government has indicated the previous EIA Screeing was ineffective and could invite legal challenge. 

The plans have changed for an even more destructive project and we demand an EIA is undertaken. 

The SSSI at Menie has been destroyed by irresponsible developers, we must not allow this to keep happening! 

I support the Friends of the Firth of Clyde to #SaveSouthannanSands 

Yours Faithfully,  XXXXX

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Saturday 27th July 2019

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